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Mar 3rd, 2010

Where are the Brownfields? – Part II

If a city does not have a brownfields inventory, how can I find a brownfield site for redevelopment?  – Carl H., partner

Few cities publish an inventory of brownfields sites due to liability reasons.  Local environmental or health departments are not tuned into brownfields redevelopment as they deal with enforcement or cleanup activity, rather than redevelopment activity. Contacting the economic, redevelopment or housing staff of cities is a better alternative. When you contact a city, don’t ask for a “brownfield” site.  Just ask if they have a list of sites identified for redevelopment.  If the site has not already been assessed or redeveloped, it may be because it is a brownfield.

You can also conduct research by reviewing online documents at each cities’ redevelopment agency or housing department.  Some cities will list preferred areas or target sites – these are not necessarily brownfields however.

Many cities have also received grants from the EPA to identify sites for assessment and redevelopment – this EPA website – – lists all the cities and counties that have received EPA assessment, cleanup and revolving loan fund grants.

Posted March 3rd, 2010 at 16:04 pm
Posted by Ignacio Dayrit