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Join leading companies in their support CCLR’s pioneering work to enhance economic and ecological value through land recycling.  In its role as national champion, CCLR builds capacity, drives innovation and changes policies to reduce risks, costs and barriers to redevelopment and bring more projects to fruition timely.


CCLR’s sponsorships are customized to meet business objectives and communicate corporate values. Together, we can revitalize local economies and protect public health and drinking water.

“CCLR was a great idea 20 years ago and an even better idea now as we work to re-use key industrial and contami-nated parcels and put them to a higher and better use. Without CCLR, there would be a lot fewer reuse projects mov-ing forward and a lot more time and money wasted trying to figure out how to do them.”  Reed Holderman, ED Sempervirens Fund (retired)


Your gift to the Center for Creative Land Recycling gives neighborhoods a chance to revitalize and rebuild into thriving communities. By redeveloping brownfields and abandoned places we preserve open space while creating jobs and housing. 


Contact for Corporate Giving

Sarah Sieloff, Executive Director
+1.415.398.1080 (office)
Center for Creative Land Recycling
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