Ian Wolfe Ross

Advisory Board Member

Co-founder & CEO of OppSites. In 1999, Ian began providing urban design and economic development services to cities and communities focused on strategic growth. Ian was inspired to build OppSites in 2014, after recognizing that successful economic development could be achieved with enhanced communication between the economic development and real estate sectors. Ian received a BA in economics from the University of Rochester and an MLA with emphasis on urban design and town planning from Cornell University. This background in combination with over 15 years of professional experience informs both his passion and insights into the complex nature of economic development at the intersection of city planning and real estate investment.


He has contributed to the American Planning Association Conference (APA), the American Development Community (ADC) Base Redevelopment Forum, the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), The California League of Cities, the International Downtown Association (IDA), and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) on the topic of  “Economic Development in the Digital Age”; You’ll find him on the tennis courts, in the OppSites office, or in the redwoods - all of which can be found in beautiful Oakland, California.