5. How CCLR Can Help

CCLR can help land recycling projects overcome obstacles and solve problems.

Our work is accomplished through trainingtechnical assistance, and grants and loans for communities and other interested parties attempting to turn around vacant, environmentally distressed, or infill properties. 


CCLR has a strong record of helping community development corporations, affordable housing developers, and municipalities overcome the challenges to cleaning up and redeveloping infill sites including brownfields and contaminated properties. CCLR promotes the reuse of already used lands and discourages urban sprawl through creative public, private, and nonprofit partnerships.


As a provider of the US EPA’s Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) Communities program, CCLR provides technical assistance and training to brownfields communities throughout the Western United States. As part of the TAB Program, CCLR has also created this online resource center to better serve our communities.